People Problems Create Motivated Sellers For Owners of Real Estate.
This course provides solutions to those problems and
opportunity for you to make big money!

This Real Estate Investment Business Model would suit an established real estate professional or someone wanting to learn Real Estate Investment Business.

You can now benefit from my 33 years of experience! I started in 1983 buying, rehabbing, renting and selling. By 1989 I owned 32 properties and after listing several with a Realtor who couldn’t get them sold, I decided to become a Realtor and sell them myself. Then I established relationships with banks managing and selling their foreclosures.

I have done lots of short sales, lease options, whole sale deals, nothing down, creative financing deals etc. I have written a book, courses, taught workshops and seminars.

Being a Broker owning a brokerage business has always been a compliment to my Real Estate investment business and I realize not everyone will want t do both. I can help you either way. Now after 33 years and selling my brokerage business I am focused on teaching others how to jump start themselves into a successful Real Estate Business.

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